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10 Tim McGraw Songs From The ’90s That You Loved, But Probably Forgot About

Most newer artists (and even some of the greats) will often throw a good cover song into their set to get the crowd going.

It’s cool to be at a similar age with a lot of upcoming artists, because we all grew up on the same music.

For those of us that grew up in the ’90s, Tim McGraw was one of the biggest influences of the time, and still is to this day. Walk into any country show, or any bar with a band, and you’re bound to hear a Tim McGraw song.

We were recently treated to a remake of his hit song, “The Cowboy In Me” for Yellowstone Season 4,and while that was a hit single from 2001, it got me thinking about some of the others… some of the ’90s McGraw singles that aren’t his biggest hits.

There are so many more Tim McGraw songs from the ’90s that are worthy of bringing back to your attention.

“Not A Moment Too Soon” (1994)

“Refried Dreams” (1995)

“Can’t Be Really Gone” (1995)

“She Never Lets It Go To Her Heart” (1996)

“Maybe We Should Just Sleep On It” (1996)

“All I Want Is A Life” (1996)

“Everywhere” (1997)

“One Of These Days” (1998)

“For a Little While” (1998)

“Please Remember Me” (1999)

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