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A Kaitlin Butts Song We Know You Need! This Week's Friday Find!

If you are new to Kaitlin Butts, you are in for a real treat!

Like most country music artists, Kaitlin Butts calls Nashville home. However, her roots remain in Tulsa where she graduated from Union High School in 2011 before attending college in Oklahoma City at the University of Central Oklahoma’s Academy of Contemporary Music in Bricktown.She’s been making music ever since, but the seeds for her career were sown back home.

Aside from a couple one-off singles, like last years “How Lucky Am I, penned about her husband and Flatland Cavalry frontman Cleto Cordero, we haven’t gotten a ton of new music since that first record.

A fan favorite, "Marfa Lights" been floating around YouTube for a couple years now.

She originally premiered it on a Fort Worth radio station back in 2018, and that was enough for fans to fall in love with the West Texas imagery and romantic lyrics:

“May 2018. I had just written this song and decided I wanted to play it on @959theranch. That video has been the only released version of the song since I wrote it.

Last October, after fans begging for a studio version, she gave fans what they wanted!

We absolutely love the way she compares her love, presumably for husband and Flatland Cavalry frontman Cleto Cordero, to the magical stars of Marfa:

“Everything I thought I knew about love It was a lie I’d cross my humble heart And hope to die If I ever had to say goodbye”

Kaitlin's vocal's soar in this clever and charming Okie style love song!

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