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A Track by Track Review of Drew Baldridge's New Album, Country Born

By: Rachel Silverman

Drew Baldridge is here with his brand new album, Country Born. Recently married, Drew Baldridge’s music is in the honeymoon phase. But the album isn’t that simple, and maybe this can be credited to fatherhood. With a baby on the way, this album is quite reflective and reminiscent of simple country life. This is a track by track review of Drew Baldridge’s Country Born.


Country Born starts off with a bang. “Imma” is the type of intro track that sets the tone for the entire album. It’s catchy and exciting and pulls us in immediately. The instrumentals on the song are strong and very easily COULD overpower any average vocalist. But this isn’t your average vocalist. This is Drew Baldridge. His voice carries the song with perfect timing and tempo. When you listen to this track you know exactly whose album this is and exactly what you’re gonna get instrumentally.

"Mom and Them"

“Mom and Them” brings the album back down to Earth. It’s a grounding tune driven by nostalgic fondness for back home. This is one of the only songs on the album not written by Drew. The songwriters are Josh Thompson, Jameson Rodgers, and Will Bundy. Still the song hold relevance for Drew. He's humbled by his mom back home, a woman who is clearly proud of him. There’s also a certain sadness to the song, a recognition by Drew that someday he’s going to be done with the fast life of being a music star, and return back to his mother’s open arms. This track sets the tone for most of the album’s lyricism- nostalgic and ruminative.

"Lost in Love"

“Lost in Love” is a beautiful love duet between Baldridge and Harper Grace. The duos vocals mesh well together and create some beautiful harmonies. The song documents an early love. The sweetness of the first moments when the love is still fresh and every touch and kiss is exciting. “Lost in Love” looks fondly back on those moments.


“Legacy” is a call between the generations for Baldridge. A song about the man who taught Baldridge to be a man and the legacy that he holds. The song includes an epic guitar lick about halfway through that immortalizes a man lost. Two-thirds of the way through there's an acoustic break where Baldridge’s vocals soften and the true emotion of the song takes circle. This album has premiered ahead of the birth of Drew’s first child so you know that this song is the result of reflection leading to lessons that he hopes to pass down to his son.

"She Does"

“She Does” is a piano focused song where Drew proclaims his feelings for his love. While “Lost in Love '' is a great track that is clearly genuine, “She Does” tugs at the heart strings a little bit harder. It’s focused on one person, Katherine Kraus. Drew married Katherine in 2021 and after listening to the love he pours into this song, it’s clear why. There’s never been someone quite like her in his life that loves and believes in him the way she does. The track is reminiscent of Alabama's 1999 hit, “God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You”. The soft piano that drives the song adds a layer of tenderness that makes this song stand out from the rest of the album.

"Country Born"

“Country Born” is the title track of the album. The song brings the energy of the album back up. It’s a true dedication to Drew’s country roots. With a catchy chorus that encompasses everything country, exciting guitar riff, and barrage of crashing drums it’s clear why Drew chose this as the title track. “Country Born” is unapologetically country and proud.


“First” is a song that shows Baldridge’s true dedication to his wife. He sings about what it truly means to be fully dedicated to someone for the rest of your life. He’ll always put her first, in everything, except that one thing. Yep, when the couple is knocking on heaven’s gate, Drew hopes that he’s the one who goes first. Living without her is too terrifying. The metaphor is heartbreaking, but also a symbol of true love.

"Dudn't It"

“Dudn’t It” is another song that appreciates a slow country life. Baldridge’s reference to an old six string, cowboy chords, and a back porch creates a distinct image. In fact this entire song is filled with vivid imagery that really makes us respond to the chorus. Country does sound pretty good.

"It Ain't Up to Me"

“It Ain’t Up to Me” is a song where Baldridge lets go. The song is an acceptance of the things that are out of his hands specifically post break up. The song is mature and understanding if not heartbreaking. This is the only post breakup song in the album and grounds the newly wed artist. It reminds us of the hardships and heartbreaks most of us must go through before we find one.

"Little Bit"

“Little Bit” is a song that reminds us of a simple summer day. The song reminds us of the sweetness of small town life. Of the entire album this chorus might be the catchiest. It’s bright, cheerful, and playful. This will certainly be the song you play at the barbecue next summer.

"She's Somebody's Daughter (reimagine)"

“She’s Somebody’s Daughter (reimagined)” is a remake of Baldridge’s hit 2019 song. This reimagined version’s production is cleaner. This version sees Baldridge’s vocals with more resonance creating a deeper, fuller, and more emotional sound. This version of the song will surely be favored over the former for the Father Daughter dance when the wedding bells ring.

If we could only take one theme from this album it’s pretty obvious what that would be. Love. The album comes at a point in Drew’s life and career where he is surrounded by the emotion. Recently married and with a baby on the way, it’s clear his head is in the clouds. And yet, he’s still grounded by his country roots. This album leaves us with many questions about where Drew is going next. Is it possible he’ll give it all up for a simpler life back home? Some of the tracks on this album suggest it. However, for our own sake, we hope that’s not for a very long time.

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