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Aaron Watson and Jenna Paulette Take On A Roseanne Cash Classic In Style

Country music traditionalist Aaron Watson and modern cowgirl Jenna Paulette are the country duo you didn't know you needed!

Photo Via Youtube Screenshot

Today the two Texan's drop their take on the Roseanne Cash classic Seven Year Ache. The classically Texas tune feature the familiar hum of the pedal steal and a steady drum beat that blends perfectly with the story of loneliness. The tale of heartache and looming recovery is a favorite of country singers, yet Aaron and Jenna approach the complex story tender way. Unlike some country songs, the story isnt as cut and dry and takes a little digging into.

The story seems to be that of a man or woman making their way from bar to bar to deal with the aftermath of the heartache.

“Tell me you’re trying to cure a seven year ache/ See what else your old heart can take/ The boys say,“When is he gonna give us some room”/ The girls say, “God I hope he comes back soon.”

Yet others think it may be the artist themselves reflecting on the sad situation they are in. Never the less, Aaron and Jenna truly take the classic to new heights.


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