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ACN Artist Spotlight: Vincent Mason

February 7th 2023

It’s no secret that viral success on TikTok can fuel one’s journey in the music industry - but that’s far from the only component needed for stardom. Country music fans love an artist who can write descriptive, thought-provoking, or relatable lyrics, as well as sing them in an effective and heartfelt manner. The good news is that our Artist Spotlight for today, Vincent Mason, can do all of the above. His creative approaches to songwriting are heavily informed by his upbringing and unique path to stardom.

His hometown of Roswell, GA heavily fostered his love for music. He described its proximity to Atlanta as a “best of both worlds” situation, giving him a balance of the big city and small town lifestyles. His childhood friends listened to a wide array of genres - rap, pop, and country, to name a few - building an impressive set of influences for Mason. “There’s just a lot of different vibes there, in one spot,” the singer told All Country News.

As Mason grew up, music transitioned from a serious hobby to a dream career. He got his first guitar in junior year of high school, after feeling inspired by what he heard on country radio. A close friend inspired him to write his first song, “Slow Train,” during one Christmas break, and now, he’s experiencing the beginning of his professional journey.

After college in Ole Miss, he moved to Nashville during the height of the pandemic. The sudden break from school gave him time to keep writing songs, and made him realize that this was his true calling. It was Nashville's Lipscomb University that gave him the final big push to see what Music City was really all about!

“I was by myself, for real, for the first time. What better way to start writing songs and figure out a bunch of stuff about yourself?” reflected Mason of his first few months in Nashville. “It took a while for me to meet people, and get settled - so that was hard, but at the same time it was one of the better things that has ever happened to me.”

Our favorite track by him is perhaps “Me & Tennessee,” a track that tells Mason’s personal story quite well. His croon brings out the emotional journey of his life experiences, while steady guitar instrumentals allow the song to smoothly flow. We’re also in love with “The Breakdown,” and you will be too if you’re a fan of Zach Bryan, bluegrass music, or both. His effortless vocals in this song give us chills, and it’s got a catchy melody.

Mason's newest single "A Little Too Good," not only reflects his growth he has had with his vocals but also his songwriting. His angelic vocals are smooth with a touch of twang, thrusting listeners into the beautifully crafted story. The story blends the heartbreak tales of 2000s country with a hit of more modern style.

With rising stars like Mason putting themselves on the map, it’s clear that the future of country music is in good hands. An artist who consistently blends traditional and modern influences, Mason is the breath of fresh air that the music scene needs. We can’t wait to see what he does next!

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