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ACN EXCLUSIVE: First Listen To "Disco Cowboy" With Adam Mac

There isn't much to do in Russellville, Kentucky. But singer/songwriter Adam Mac knew his dreams were bigger than his tiny southern town. Growing up with a plethora of musical influences, Adam's style of country music truly knows no bounds.

"My mom has super eclectic taste," Adam told us. "She was obsessed with Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson, but she was also equally obsessed with Shania Twain and Faith Hill. Growing up I was engulfed nineties, female country and like soul and Motown."

A proud music lover in a town that praised athletes, Adam knew that his dreams and goals of "making music for everyone" could only be found in music city.

"I moved to Nashville 10 years ago this year. In retrospect, the first five years I had no clue what I was doing."

I want to tell my stories. Oftentimes those also end up being other people's stories, who aren't always represented. We all have a similar story. We all struggle.

The now seasoned Nashville veteran is ready to "step into his power" and make the music he always wanted to. Adam Mac's new single Disco Cowboy is a well needed reminder that country music should make you feel. Feeling the songs, and the engulfing yourself in the story that Mac has created with Disco Cowboy isn't hard to do. The clever twists on the title read seamlessly into the genre. At first listen, you may think that Elton John and country music have had a baby, and you're not wrong. While untraditional Adam's clever lyrics and overall feel good spirit, help this song fit into the ever growing country music genre.

We are honored to have Adam Mac's EXCLUSIVE first listen for his new single

"Disco Cowboy"

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