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ACN Exclusive: Grace Tyler Sings Of The Reason For The Season In "O Holy Night" Cover

Everyone knows that music has the potential to tell stories and convey emotions that can’t always be expressed in words. Holiday music is no exception - songs are the best medium to communicate the immense joy and spirit associated with the season. Grace Tyler, who grew up singing traditional hymns and worship songs in church, has witnessed firsthand how music can unite people who share a faith. She taps into this surreal feeling in her moving cover of “O Holy Night,” which officially drops tomorrow.

“During this time of year, the words mean so much more, and I love the Christmas spirit just shining down and bringing people together,” Tyler told All Country News. She found it easy to accomplish these goals through the genre of country music. “The roots of country music are storytelling, and that’s what Christmas music is.”

Tyler actually recorded “O Holy Night” back in July! She dressed in her red and green sweaters to help immerse herself into the holiday spirit - it worked, but she left her sessions sweating. After she listened to a plethora of Christmas music at this painfully early time of year, she finalized which song she wanted to cover, with the help of her parents and manager. “It’s such a staple song that I grew up singing every Christmas,” Tyler explained to us. Her Christian faith factored heavily into her decision, as “O Holy Night” best reflects why she celebrates Christmas every year.

The singer’s tight-knit family keeps numerous traditions to help them celebrate the holidays, and one especially stands out to her. Every year, she would dress up for the classic manger scene with her siblings and cousins. She was Mary, her brother was Joseph, her cousin was an angel, and a baby doll represented Jesus - except in years that a baby was actually born in the family. This unique format of family photos spawned many smiles, laughs, and fun memories to look back on.

Tyler also recalls playing a dog-themed Monopoly game with her brother in the early hours of Christmas morning, anxiously waiting to open Santa’s presents. She beat him every year, starting her day on the best note! Additionally, you can sure trust Tyler and her mom for all your Christmas cookie needs! They’re working hard to perfect some recipes for this year, on top of her busy music career. We’re so jealous of the people who get to taste them!

We love seeing Tyler’s fondness for the holidays shine through in her “O Holy Night” cover. Putting a country spin on a Celine Dion classic, Tyler pays homage to her Texas roots and lets fans know why this season is important to her.

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