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ACN Exclusive: Matt Roy's Catchy Love Story "Mary & Me" Comes To Life In New Lyric Video

Country music was built on a strong foundation of sounds and stories about real people and everyday feelings. Country Riser Matt Roy reinvigorates those values with his latest single Mary & Me.

From the first verse the emphasis on strong imagery is apparent. "Mary's Mama and Daddy fought like the Hatfields & McCoys," Matt sings. Painting a vivid picture, listeners get to be the fly on the wall to a small-town love story.

"Sometimes you just land on a concept. I just kind of landed into that idea. I wanted to write a top to bottom story song. I was messing around with my guitar and the song kind of fell out," Matt told All Country News. The songs out of the box take on a traditional love tale keeps fans craving more as the song progresses.

A clever tunesmith, as the track progresses fans pick up on that Matt is looking back on his long lost love, making the song come full circle.

"Mary and me were crazy / Mary and me were reckless / Mary and me shined brighter than the silver cross hanging off her necklace / said she wanted me for the long run / she promised she'd never leave / she swore it on her grave and my sweet Mary never ended up marrying me."

The track is a thoroughly engaging listen that embodies everything that country fans crave. Sonically provocative, the modern day love story impresses from first to last note. Matt Roy's craftsmanship is apparent making Mary & Me one of the more clever songs of 2023.


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