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ACN EXCLUSIVE: Rising Country Songstress Liddy Clark Won't Be Anyone's "Second String"

Rising pop country songstress Liddy Clark is wearing her heart on her sleeve and telling it like it is in her latest track Second Sting off her debut album Made Me.

Photo courtesy of Liddy Clark

Like a page ripped from a journal of a girl with a broken heart, Liddy's confessional style of storytelling is painfully relatable. Unafraid to dig a little deeper into a storyline, Liddy's Second String, shows off Clark's born ability to connect and pant pictures.

“Honestly I feel like it’s my own therapy session when I write a song, because I tend to bottle my emotions up,” explains the singer/songwriter. “Being able to write a song about it and figure out what I’m feeling as I write it – and then use that to connect with others – that means everything to me.”

Tapping into the feeling of feeling like a second choice in a relationship, the passionate song showcases Liddy's heartfelt delivery. Liddy shines while bringing lyrics to life and giving the listener a fresh look at her range as an artist. Through the ethereal track Liddy finds her strength and worth and empowers others to find that freedom.

"Second String is a song I wrote a long time ago that still resonates with me to this day. I've always had a fear of being a second choice, being almost good enough. But the thing is, the right path or person will never make you feel like a second choice. So it's empowering to know that you have the strength to pick yourself and believe in your own self-worth," Liddy tells All Country News.

"I'm SO excited for 'Made Me' Deluxe Edition to add an epilogue to my debut album. These are songs (or versions of other songs) that have truly allowed me to dig deeper into who I am as a person and those shared experiences that affect all of us growing up. 'Playboy' is such a fun song I've always loved and 'Second String' still rings true to me today. I can't wait to hear what people think of these tracks, because I'm really proud of this whole body of work I've created.”

Leaning into the sounds and stories that she is passionate about, Clark's goal of connecting with her fans on a deeper lever has come to fruition. Second String offers a clever look into a feeling that we can all attest to.


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