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ACN Friday Find: Jordan Blanchard, Your New Favorite Artist If You Love 90s Country

With the success of hits like "She Had Me At Heads Carolina," as well as the resurgence of classics like "Neon Moon," it's clear that 90s country is coming back and here to stay. Rising star Jordan Blanchard never shies away from showing his love for this genre-defining era of music. Despite only being a toddler during its height, Blanchard lets it heavily influence his own craft. He self-describes his approach as "exploring a new era of country and honky tonk music somewhere between Eric Church and Jon Pardi.”

For instance, "Hangover" pays homage to the beloved titan George Strait. "We can hangover at my place / Maybe throw on some George Strait / Tell me do you wanna dance babe / Check yes or no," sings Blanchard. The track's guitar instrumentals also pick up notes from 90s country. This triumphant debut single came out today morning, as Blanchard is bursting onto the music scene full force.

Despite regularly listening to music of both the present and past as he grew up, he hadn't always been a singer and guitar player. However, once he picked up his first guitar at age 20, he quickly began to hone musical talents. He brings bold energy, phenomenal vocals, and a genuine love of the art to his performances. Fans can catch this magic live during Blanchard's ongoing Hangover tour.

After the Wisconsin-born artist quickly climbed the ranks in his hometown's music scene, he now releases his first official single to all streaming platforms. He continues to grow his all-ages fanbase, by building a discography that contains something for everyone. His nostalgic yet fresh sound sets him apart from other newcomers, aiding his journey towards becoming a household name very soon.

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