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ACN Friday Find: Tylynn Allen Embraces Her Carefree Personality In "God Made Me"

One song at a time, Tylynn Allen is quickly fulfilling her dreams of singing country music. Born into an artistic family, and learning to play the guitar from her father, the Indiana-based newcomer brings a fresh perspective to the industry. Her unapologetic single "God Made Me" dropped today, and we simply can't take it off repeat.

"God Made Me" initially gained traction through a viral TikTok, resonating with millions of viewers. It embraces Allen's carefree personality, which she gets from her equally wild family. "I think things are taken a little too serious sometimes. The world needs to have fun, and be free," Allen shared with ACN.

She notes the contrast between her and her husband’s upbringing, reflecting on her initial shyness around his family. "I just felt like I was a little too much for them at first," Allen told us. "I knew they would love me anyways, but it's just one of those things." She now feels more comfortable to be her authentic self with them, but the learning curve provided some great stories to tell, from which the song's lyrics draw inspiration.

The song gained a huge stamp of approval from both her husband and mother-in-law, prior to its release. "When I sent her the song, I was like, 'This is not specifically about you. I love you, you're great! This is just kind of how the song turned out,'" said Allen.

Blending 90s country and mainstream pop, "God Made Me" contains an irresistible twang and feels beautifully conversational. The single shares Allen's personal identity with her constantly growing fanbase. With a voice echoing both George Strait and Kacey Musgraves, Allen is undoubtedly the next big thing in country music.

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