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ACN Premiere: Drake White Slows Down Fan Favorite "Makin' Me Look Good Again" For Wedding Version

The wedding song of 2023 has arrived.

Today premiering exclusively with All Country News, the king of country soul Drake White is putting a spin on his 2016 fan favorite Makin' Me Look Good Again. Slowing down the groove filled romantic track, the wedding version showcases dynamic layers that Drake is so beloved for.

Penned by White, Monty Criswell and Shane Minor the tender track shares the inner feelings of a man who leans a little left of center. However, thanks to to strength and undeniable love of his partner, his confidence is restored. Through clever analogies and Drake's soul soaked voice, the emotion of the track speaks volumes. White's tone is full of personality and serves as the main instrument in the raw track.

I’m more than haggard

Weathered and torn

Been drug through the keyhole of that backdoor

I’m bloodshot red behind these shades

I look like hell ‘cause I’ve seen better days

And those loving arms,

Well they pull me back in

And there you go baby (yeah)

Making me look good again

“One of the things that I love about songs and songwriting is how lyrics can evoke new meaning at different times in your life," White told All Country News. "It’s been seven years since ‘Makin’ Me Look Good Again’ first released and I wanted to create a new version dedicated to my wife, Alex. During this time, we have been through many ups and downs, and she has continued to inspire, encourage, and dream with me through it all. She has certainly made me look good again. I hope that when you hear this stripped back version it reminds you of the people in your world that make you look good again.”

A steadfast optimist, the song almost seems like a page out of the Alabama native's journal. Back in 2019 the innovator collapsed on stage due to a hemorrhagic stroke, and doctors told him he might never perform again. After undergoing a series of operations to repair his Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) and months of physiotherapy, White has proved them wrong, returning to the road to spread his incredible positivity to his fans. If that isn't an inspiration, we don't know what is.

Bold diverse and unpredictable, White's superpower is universal and approachable storytelling. The country music maverick's new EP The Bridge,’a seven-song collection of inspiration,love and purpose.


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