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ACN Spotlight: American Idol Alum Alex Lambert Is Bringing His Texas Soul Vibe To Music City

Growing up in the musical juggernaut that is the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex Alex Lambert had plenty of sonics to pull from for inspiration.

No stranger to all the country music Texas had to offer, from an early age Lambert was thrust into the musical lifestyle. While his grandad was a country singer, it was the diverse soul scene that made Alex's mind run wild.

"Even though I'm from Texas, my main musical inspiration comes from soul artists," Alex told All Country News. Soul icons like Sam Cooke and Otis Redding peaked his interest, yet so did some of country music's biggest greats. "I grew up on Conway and Hank Williams, Sr. along with Charlie Pride. Being from Texas specifically from Fort Worth, I grew up hanging out in the stockyards and two step-in', it's just a big part of who I am." That unique blend of influences has lead Alex to create his own sound he dubs Texas Soul.

This love of a more tender sound even translated into his time on the hit show American Idol. Staying true to his love of more emotive genre Alex showcased his bluesy twang by singing his own version of everything from Maroon 5, Fleetwood Mac to one of his favorites Ray LaMontagne.

After his time on Idol, Alex continued to write and record his own original songs, but his process had matured.

"I'm definitely a, a very singy songwriter. A lot of folks will sit down and have this idea of of a concept and they'll wanna like really make sense of it all and then they'll start making music. I kind of work the other way. Coming from LA it's kind of more that way. I'll have song titles and cool stuff that I wanna write about and concepts, but mostly I'll start with a groove. I'll start with a chord progression and a melody and then I'll kind of see how that makes me feel and kind of create the song concept around that."

It is that clever mindset that has given us his latest project Rebel Ways. The mature six track EP flawlessly explains what Texas Soul Boy is.

"After falling back in love with music again, I threw on a cowboy hat and a bandana and I threw on some, a pair of my granddad's old cowboy boots and I decided I wanted express myself in every facet." That even includes an onstage alter ego Alex's band has dubbed "Don.

His move to Nashville a year and a half ago gave Alex a chance to start with a clean slate. "I still write whatever is on my heart," Alex told us. With a mix of vivid imagery, clever melodies and heartfelt guitar, Alex has effortlessly created his own genre, and we can't get enough.

The best example of Alex's vibe has to be the standout track Cryin In The Rain. The emotive track will make your heart pop out of your chest. The bluesy tune showcases the best of what Lambert has to offer, a painfully relatable ballad alongside Alex's whiskey soaked swagger. The song was so special to the Texan that he included two versions on the EP.

Alex's raw approach to music is truly refreshing. His innate ability to relate to listens from all walks of life is one to be admired. The no frills artist's passion shines through and we know that this is only the beginning for the born hitmaker.


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