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Adam Mac & Jenna DeVries Join Forces For An Innovative New Tune "Chapel"

The power of country music truly comes from the stories it can tell. Even better that people connect to these stories in their own way.

Enter Adam Mac & Jenna DeVries and their southern gothic meets mainstream new tune Chapel. Between Adam's high tenor and Jenna's muddy vibrato it is easy to love this innovative new tune.

But once you sit in the song, fans can start to peel back the layers to this quite timely song. The gritty toe tapper tells the tale of forbidden love that rebels against the man and goes to the chapel anyway. The dark and entangled love story is painfully relatable and allows fans to reminisce on their own debared love.

The two proud LGBTQ+ creators could not have released this at a better time, considering the current political climate. ‘Chapel’ is an anthem that calls to celebrate unconditional love regardless of what others may say or think.

These two country music innovators have brought their strong POV to the table and we know it is just the beginning!


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