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Adorable 5-Year-Old Celebrated Halloween Dressed As Keith Whitley

Country music fans, we think we've found the youngest one of y'all. 5-year-old Logan Richardson has just added Keith Whitley to his extensive list of country-inspired Halloween costumes. In this adorable picture, he's copied the great's iconic "Kentucky Bluebird" look, complete with a child-size customized guitar strap. What a cutie!

Logan has enjoyed country music for his whole life, partly thanks to his parents' work in the industry. His mother is a singer/songwriter, and his father runs Hollerbilly Music Management and Festival of the Red. As his family is very active in the local Kentucky music scene, he's been attending numerous live shows since before he could talk. At one year old, his first concert was country-folk titan John Prine. The annual country music Halloween costumes began when Logan was just one year old, and with each year, the pictures just get more and more precious.

Better yet, it seems that the internet loves this as much as Logan and his family do. The young country enthusiast has gained a loyal TikTok fanbase; 36,000 people appreciated the video his mother shared of the Keith Whitley costume.

"I wasn't surprised with him wanting to be Keith Whitley at all," shared Logan's mother, who fully supported his desire. A huge fan of the legendary artist, Logan's favorite Keith Whitley song is "I'm No Stranger To The Rain." Logan shared with us that Whitley is his favorite "because he has really cool hair and cool music!" Although his friends aren't too familiar with the singer inspiring Logan's costume, it had the adults screaming.

We hope this little country star made your day as much as it made ours! Capturing several hearts from all over, Logan pulls off the Keith Whitley look so well. We absolutely love it, and can't wait to see who he'll be next year!

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