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Adrian Johnston & Josh Abbott Team Up For A Dreamy Texas Sound In "What You Never Told Me"

This week Texas native Singer/Songwriter, Country Radio hitmaker Adrian Johnston released a new single What You Never Told Me with Josh Abbott of the Josh Abbott Band.

The emotive and raw track speaks the unspoken fears and words of a couple in turmoil.

We've been talking but saying nothin'

Throwing words into the wind

Are we lyin', tryin', fightin'

Cause we don't want this to end

Between Adrian's effortless evocative vocals and the warm and charm of Josh's tone, the two are truly a match made in country music heaven.

Perhaps how the song came to be aids in the rawness felt by the listener.

Written with Josh Abbott and Zac Maloy (Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton) over a Zoom call in April 2021, Adrian had just discovered she was pregnant, with her co-writers being some of the first to find out. The first time mom, who uprooted her life in Dallas leaving her family, friends and city life, moved to East Texas for love and had a baby with her husband in 2021.

Adrian Johnston recording "What You Never Told Me" 7 months pregnant at Bluebench Recording Studio in Austin, TX.

Adrian explains feeling the “need to be understood as a hormonal mom-to-be that was scared” during the recording of the duet. Adrian recorded the song7 months pregnant, and has since been balancing the new dynamic of motherhood, marriage, music and entrepreneurship.

“This song is the duet this project needed, and I am so glad I was able to write this with friends. Just the way this song even came about, zoom writing, while pregnant with friends who are dad's - we all are juggling it all and this song was just another piece of the daily life puzzle! I'm really proud of it and am excited for everyone to hear it," Adrian shared in a press release.

Soaked in Texas soul, riddled in sharp storytelling and and breezy and the West Texas winds, What You Never Told Me embodies the best part of Texas Country!


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