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Alan Jackson Discusses Silverbelly, "Drive," & New Album On Daughter Mattie's Podcast

February 23rd 2023

We all know of Alan Jackson's legendary contributions to the music scene and beyond - but did you know that his daughter is growing her platform too? She's an author, speaker, and influencer who hosts In Joy Life, an inspirational and introspective podcast about chasing the good things. In its latest episode, she invited none other than her dad on the show.

Photo credit: John Shearer for Getty Images

Mattie kicked off the episode by talking about his whiskey line Silverbelly, and its role in his career. "It's been a long time coming - you know, it seems like everybody, especially celebrities, is jumping on the whiskey wagon," reflected Alan. "Being a country singer and songwriter, whiskey's always been such a big part of the music, songs, and lifestyle. Over the years, I've written many songs about it, sung many other people's songs, and recorded songs about it - so it just felt natural to want to do something with it." Silverbelly's startup came with much trial and error, but he believes the timing of its arrival worked perfectly with his personal life and career. Usually, Alan's just a casual Jack Daniels drinker, and creating a bourbon whiskey helped him delve into this realm more. Silverbelly's positive reception pleasantly surprised and inspired him. In case you were wondering, the name came from the color of his staple Stetson hat, which he's worn everywhere for several years.

In a treat to his fans, each batch is named after one of his #1. The current drop is called "Wanted," with "Chasin' That Neon Rainbow" on the way. Collectors are already eager to get their hands on all 35! One of Mattie's favorites is "Drive," a tribute to Alan's late father, who passed down his love of cars to his son. Alan revealed that he felt inspired by In Joy Life's central message - focusing on the positives in life - when he redirected "Drive" from a somber track to a more optimistic one about celebrating his father's life.

Despite his status today as a titan of his genre, Alan got his start like many other country singers. He played at bars in his hometown, listened to those who encouraged him to continue developing his craft, and threw together a few original songs before moving to Nashville. To this day, writing and recording is one of his favorite parts of his career. "It's more fulfilling than anything. You can be a singer, and go out on tour and do all that, but it's kind of like you're doing the same thing over an over. When you make an album, especially when you write a lot of the songs for it, that's creating something. It's a challenge, so it keeps you interested a little more," said Alan. "If I didn't write, I think I would've gotten bored of singing a long time ago." Alan also finds that simple chord progressions and language have a greater impact on audiences, a perspective Mattie shares as an author herself.

Last but not least, if you're dying to hear new music from Alan Jackson - you're in luck. When Mattie asked him if another album was on the way, his response was "Yes, I hope so!"

Alan's groundedness, creativity, and willingness to take risks have consistently cemented him as a defining force in country music. We loved this chance to learn even more about one of Nashville's most awarded singer/songwriters. We're so glad Mattie let us in on this father-daughter conversation!

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