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Alan Jackson's 90's Country Anthem “Chattahoochee,” Turns 30 Today

Where would country music be without this hit!

30 year ago today, the song that would transcend generations was released! From the iconic guitar riff to the feel good summer attitude, Chattahoochee is truly an iconic track!

Alan gave fans some insight into the hit with notes includes in The Greatest Hits Collection.

“Jim McBride and I were trying to write an up-tempo song and Jim came in with the line ‘way down yonder on the Chattahoochee’ and it kind of went from there.

It’s a song about having fun, growing up, and coming of age in a small town – which really applies to anyone across the country, not just by the Chattahoochee. We never thought it would be as big as it’s become.”

Between the iconic music video that has sparked some of the greatest costumes to the generations of country fans that find nostalgia in the track, it is safe to say that Chattahoochee will forever remain a country staple!


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