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All Country News Artist Spotlight: Eli Winders Homegrown Stories To Music City

Anyone who fell in love with country music because of Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson clearly has good taste.

North Carolina native Eli Winders has earnest upbringing and a plethora of stories to tell. Growing up in a tight knit community and an even closer family, Eli's approach to country music is as raw and real as it gets, pulling from life's moments that mean the most to him. Pulling inspiration from some of country music's best like Tyler Childers, Midland Morgan Wallen and Eric Church, the 19 year olds wide range of tastes allows him to explore the sonics and stories that he wants to share.

"Every time I hear This Damn Song by Pecos and The Rooftops it takes me back to times with my friends," Winders told All Country News. "Then there is Sinners Like Me by Eric Church was one of the first songs that the lyrics really stuck with me. That first line really paints a picture. But it was Luckenbach Texas with Waylon and Willie that really sold me on country music. I wish I could hear that song again for the first time."

The three sport high school athlete at 16 felt the pull to write his story. His first song was simple yet embodied where he was at in his young life, going to school but wishing you were fishing. Eli continued to pull from relatable everyday inspiration and focused less on being a rock and roll guitarist and more on writing songs that connect.

Leaning into social media allowed the North Carolinian to grow his audience and show off his tender tone and humble stories. Balancing work, school and songwriting, Eli tested his artistry on TikTok like many young artists, and needless to say his stories connected. Finding common ground with all those who venture from their hometowns, Eli's Pack My Home Town became a standout track offering up an anthem for a modern day dreamer.

But that is just the thing about Winders his music allows pages from a personal journal to come to life. Eli's humble approach to stories still packs a punch. Homegrown stories are often overlooked or overdone in country, yet Eli finds a delicate balance that caught the ears of Atlantic Records.

When asked what he can expect from the riser in the coming weeks, with a simple smile Eli told All Country News that he is excited to let Pack My Hometown breathe but is eager to release more songs that can find their way into listeners hearts, and get back on the road.

It is seldom a talent comes along that connects on so many levels. We doubt Eli would brag on himself as much as we have, yet Eli's approach and end product is a once in a generation thing, it's only up from here.


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