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All Country News Artist Spotlight: Michael David Brings Southern Heart To His Country Music

Michael David thinks it is cool to be a smart artist and it is ok to be patient when it comes to your artistry.

The Columbus, Georgia native approaches music with whole lot of soul. Growing up on a good appetite of classic artists like John Denver and Carole King mixed in with more modern country, David's country music POV is a refreshing take on the world around us.

First picking up a guitar at age 9, Michael quickly became enthralled. With no formal training, the Georgia native's natural gift and good ear allowed him to explore sounds and stories in a more natural way.

"Being an artist, you have to cover all your bases," David told All Country News. "If you can't focus on and cover your bases, well then.." he laughs. "Everyone aims to be that star but forgets you have to cover your bases."

After mastering the guitar, Michael turned to honing in on his voice and writing songs that felt like stories ripped right from the young tunesmith's own story. Following the urge he had in his chest, music quickly became his escape from the harsh realities of daily life and he wanted to share this feeling with the world.

Leaning on stories that served as poignant reminders, Michael now finds himself surrounded by some of Music City's best on the Music Row charts with his soulfully earnest track Smoke On My Mind. The guitar heavy groove serves as a mental reminder for David that things will work out even if it seems like life feels a little messy. The single serves a vulnerable expression of perseverance through his darkest thoughts and hardest days. Not to mention, the painfully relatable track has a sense of calming to it backed by David's soulful tenor.

Flexing his creative muscles, Exit 12 showcases the young artists dynamic vision of what he wants his career to look like. Blending a steady beat and a classically country story Micheal is able to connect with fans on many levels.

"I want my supporters to know their prayers were not wasted on me. Especially the plan my mom had for me. I want people know it is cool to be smart. It is cool to be patient. It's ok to be hardworking, and not lazy. I think that's what people these days need to be reminded of."

Steadfast in creating music that will inspire compassion, togetherness, and healing, Michael David proves that hard work and a powerful story to tell can get you pretty damn far.

Click here to listen to our full conversation with Micheal David!


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