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All Country News Artist Spotlight: Tyler Halverson's Good Ole Boy Charm Shines Through In His Music

There isn't too much going on in South Dakota, but country riser Tyler Halverson made the best of it.

Being the eldest of eight kids, Tyler was able to dabble in a little bit of everything and that included music. "My parents were pretty young when they had me," Tyler told All Country News. "There was alot of 90s pop playing. Then of course George, Allen, and Garth we all on rotation. Then the random Boys of Men CD in the car that my dad would keep," Tyler laughs.

Halverson fell in thrall to music at an early age, receiving his first guitar while in middle school. "Even in elementary schooI was writing a little poem or a little song for some little girlfriend I had," Tyler told us. But it was a local bluegrass festival convinced him to focus on music, throwing down at 4H and FFA festivals before heading to Nashville to attend the prestigious Belmont University.

Halverson’s original approach and raw creativity has caught fire with a string of independent releases. His ability to connect with such a wide range of fans over everyday topics really speaks to his wide appeal! Creative tracks “Beer Garden Baby,” “Mac Miller,” and “Your Bar Now” (with Kylie Frey), amassing tens of millions of streams. With almost a Bob Dylan style approach to his songs, Tyler's tracks stand out in an often muddled genre, a true testament that a clever hook and relatability can go along way!

Much like his final product, Tyler's approach to his art is raw and real! "I'm a very big melody guy. I love chasing melodies, but I also like a really good lead line. Something just to kick. Whether that's the lead line of the chorus or the verse, whatever. Just something that will spark a story. It's kind of like what I wait on and then I'll sit here with this thing and see what comes out of it and mumble for a couple hours."

His first major label release Cut You Loose, follows that same tride and true formula. "I think honestly I was probably depressed about some girl in South Dakota," Tyler told us. “’Cut You Loose is about holding on to something a little too long. And wanting someone that can’t make up their mind about wanting you. You’re stuck in the gloaming, but you can’t cut it loose.” The somber love tune showcases Tyler's whiskey soaked vocals and tells the tale of a lover that you wish you could just let go of. The fresh and vulnerable take on a country/americana crossover makes your ears and arm hairs perk up.

“And it’s true, been waiting on you

Just to want me back-wish, you’d give me half of what I have for you

Sick of playing the fool, and it leaving me blue

If my over you is overdue, why can’t I cut you loose?”

Honest about his riser status, Tyler is still trying to figure it all out. “I’m finding myself,” says Halverson. “I feel like I’m an artist and I’m finally about to do something.” Not afraid to be out of the box, this cowboy hat wearing crooner is the next big thing on the block.


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