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ALL COUNTRY NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Becca Bowen Drops Feminist Anthem “Who I’m Not”

Today, independent artist Becca Bowen is premiering the first listen of her new single, “Who I’m Not,” with All Country News. This track will officially release to streaming platforms tomorrow as her latest single. Bowen’s career is just beginning - later this year, she will release her first full-length album, which features collaborations with superstar Lee Brice and award-winning songstress Rachel Bradshaw.

Bowen currently has over 200,000 Instagram followers and 161,000 Spotify streams, and this figure continues to grow as the country music scene is introduced to this rising star.

Born in West Columbia, South Carolina, Bowen began singing at age five. Her training in gospel music, as well as her small-town upbringing, contribute to her authentic, soulful style. She released her debut single, “Love It, Leave It” in 2020, before winning Outdoor Channel’s hunting show For Love or Likes in 2021. Bowen’s success on the show allowed her to grow her online audience. Subsequently, she released follow-up singles in 2022, including the breakout hit “Glitter.” Bowen’s Southern Belle appearance and strong-willed, tomboyish personality have earned her the nickname “Country Barbie.”

The empowering lyrics, penned by Gari Garret, Brian Smyth, and two-time Grammy winner Rebecca Lynn Howard (whose previous credits include Martina McBride, Trisha Yearwood, Runaway June), deliver a powerful message that every woman needs to hear. “Who I’m not is a pretty pushover / Who I’m not is an old doormat,” proclaims Bowen in this feminist anthem’s first verse. “Last thing I am is a giver-upper / Walks away because it hurts too bad.” Veteran country music producer Sal Oliveri created the track’s uplifting, high-energy instrumentals.

This is just the beginning of Becca Bowen’s career. Her last few singles showcase her charismatic and powerful vocals, and “Who I’m Not” is no different. Her work so far compares to that of Maddie & Tae, Cassadee Pope, and Maren Morris early in their careers, and we have no doubt that Bowen is the “next big thing” in country music. Plus, the song contains an inspiring message of female empowerment - what’s not to love?

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