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All Country News EXCLUSIVE: Chris Young Chats Two New Singles, "I Could Drop An Album Tomorrow"

Updated: Jan 24

January 14th 2023

On the heels of his groundbreaking record Famous Friends (which contains his most recent #1, "At The End Of A Bar," with Mitchell Tenpenny), Chris Young is preparing for a new album cycle. He kicks it off with the stunning double release of "Looking For You" and "All Dogs Go To Heaven," arguably two of his best and most authentic songs yet. Packed with phenomenal storytelling, these tracks allow Young to wear his heart on his sleeve. They seem to set the tone for Young's next era - in contrast to the collaboration-heavy nature of Famous Friends, fans can expect a string of raw solo tracks revealing aspects of the star's personal life.

Album cover thanks to Sony

"All Dogs Go To Heaven" celebrates the irreplaceable bond between people and their pets, illustrated through Young's relationship with his Porter. The German Sheperd, a Christmas present from his sister Dot in 2017, holds a special place in his heart. Young notes in an exclusive interview with All Country News that owners usually outlive their pets, but Porter is someone he can't imagine losing. The song captures that sentiment well; any pet owner can connect to its beautiful lyrics.

Anyone who has resolved to remain single, but then stumbles upon "the one" accidentally, can relate to "Looking For You." It doesn't cover a specific person in Young's life right now, although his previous experiences did factor into the song's penning. "I just think this is a great song," Young said. "I want it to be out there and breathe, and be the very first thing that people get from the new record," he told All Country News and other media outlets.

Young also told All Country News that "All Dogs Go To Heaven" as an "important song," and "Looking For You" as "the one everybody went 'that's the first single.'" This informed his decision to make these two tracks the first releases of his new album.

When asked if "Looking For You" was about anyone in particular, the award winner laughed and said, "I've been asked that. But it isn't about one person in particular. But we have all had that one person that walks into that bar and you go WOW!"

The upcoming record, slated for later this year, is nearly finished - as have the accompanying photoshoot and some music videos. "I could drop an album tomorrow," he told ACN.

Undoubtedly, the star has plenty in store for the next few months; his pending projects are sure to make our 2023. We're so excited to be coming along for the journey of Young's new era!

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