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All Country News Exclusive: Jade Eagleson Premeires "Shakin' In Them Boots" Music Video

It's no secret that 90s country heavily influences the current generation of artists. Cole Swindell, for example, samples "Heads Carolina" by Jo Dee Messina in his own music, and newcomers like Catie Offerman mimic George Strait's signature vocal technique. Rising Canadian singer Jade Eagleson especially draws inspiration from 90s country dance trends, namely the two-step. From this concept, the song "Shakin' In Them Boots" arose, and its accompanying music video fully embraces the 90s aesthetic as well.

The 28-year-old singer has always incorporated neo-traditional elements into his craft, citing Alan Jackson and Shania Twain as his role models. Infused with captivating fiddles and twang, "Shakin' In Them Boots" continues to show his developing artistry, perfectly blending mainstream pop with classic country. Originally intended as a rock & roll track, Eagleson adapted this James Barker cut to his usual 90s country-inspired sound.

"It's been a dream of mine since I was a kid to release a song we could do a proper two-step to," shared Eagleson. He only knows the "very blunt basics" of two-stepping himself, but we can't wait to see fans joyfully doing the moves at Eagleson's concerts. As for his wife, though, her Calgary upbringing has rendered her a master of the two-step. "When you're playing shows in Calgary, Alberta, everybody is two-stepping. It's kind of like a rite of passage there," Eagleson told All Country News.

The accompanying music video, set in a honky tonk bar, heavily focuses on dance choreography and a nostalgic ambience. Of course, Eagleson's outfit - which he did not initially plan on wearing - ties into the theme. Director Ben Knetchel helped Eagleson's vision and storytelling come to life in a detail-oriented visualizer. 

Eagleson drew inspiration from the techniques Shania Twain used during her Woman In Me album cycle. "She's including the people like me, that's what I was drawn into," he explained to us. "Back then I was like 'I'm just a farm boy,' but I feel like these are my people in this music video."

We've already been loving the nostalgic-sounding and high-energy tune, which gets listeners on their feet in no time, and the video just makes it even better. The video brings joy, memories from the 90s, and most importantly a sense of unity. "Shakin' In Them Boots" gets millennial and Gen Z country fans on the same page, as we collectively two-step to the phenomenal single.

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