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All Country News Friday Find Featuring Chayce Beckham

Chayce Beckham tugs at the heartstrings with his latest release, “Keeping Me Up All Night.”

Produced by Ross Copperman and co-written by Beckham with Cary Barlowe, Geoff Warburton and Andy Albert, this captivating song solidifies the American Idol alum’s artistry with it’s deeply personal message. “Keeping Me Up All Night” evokes soul-stirring memories of losing the right person and battling those restless nights as a result. Many people can relate to the post-heartbreak feelings from a lost love.

“My brand-new song “Keeping Me Up All Night” is out now,” Beckham wrote on Instagram. “Wrote it with some buddies about some real life experiences. Hope you all can relate and enjoy it!”

Numerous fans took to social media, flooding his comment section as they shared their love for Beckham and their excitement for the new release. One user wrote, “Great song, great voice, great look! You KILLED it!” while another said, “You are for real, Chayce. Look at all the people enjoying what you do and cheering you on.”

Chayce's tender vocal's and haunting theme are a reminder that everyone struggles with heartbreak. It is clear that Chayce uses music to cope, just like we all do.

The visualizer for the song features Beckman in a single room with only the basic bedroom furniture pieces along with a radio, his guitar and a drink to keep him company in the sleepless nights. Like the song describes, he finds himself stuck with tangled sheets and all the memories of his past love closing in on him.

“Keeping me up all night/I still see your shadow on my wall/Still hear you tiptoe down that hall/Still taste your Cabernet lips on mine/You’re still keeping me up all night/I still smell your perfume on my sheets/Still ain’t no chance I’m gonna sleep/Cause you’re gone and you ain’t gonna change your mind/You’re still keeping me up all night,” he sings in the chorus.

This song follows his 2021 single, “23,” and the success of his six-track debut EP, Doin’ It Right, which has reached No. 1 on both the iTunes All Genre and Country charts.

The Season 19 Idol winner underwent a major career change after the show. He went from driving a forklift to headlining his own shows, seeing his self-penned songs on numerous viral charts and reaching over more than 75 million on-demand streams.

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