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All Country News: Friday Find Mae Estes

January 27th 2023

If you don't know who Mae Estes is, take this as you sign be do a deep dive into her music. The Arkansas native seamlessly blends the traditional country she grew up with with the strong presence of female power country music needs.

Photo by Marisa Taylor.

Since her move to Music City in 2015, Mae has been making her mark all over town. She continuously brings her sharp writing style to the forefront backed by a twang that the genre so desperately needs! In the chaos of 2020, the stars aligned for Mae. The songstress signed a deal with Plaid Flag Music.

“The new music we are writing and recording now is not shockingly different,” Mae says, “but I’m slowly peeling off more layers. These songs offer glimpses into my life and mind, and I hope they bring me and my audience even closer,” while simultaneously making waves in the industry.

Mae's music is honest and strong, and also comes with a little kick. Her newest song 'Run" is so exception. Run's stunning storyline is a new and clever way of sharing a story of a rolling stone. The song is full of texture and depth from start to finish. The clever instrumentation is backed by Mae's silky twang. That is one of Mae's many strengths, she can take a timeless story, spin it on it's head and POOF out comes a masterpiece.

Lyrics like "Give me something to run to instead of from / Cause I'm made to run," help to bring the 90's style writing that country fans truly love back to the forefront of the genre.

Run is the first taste of Este's new EP due out February 16th. Before the Record, is produced by Music Row great Paul Sikes, who has several co-writing credits on the project as well. We hope that the same independent spirt of Run shines through the whole six song EP.

We think that Mae has made Lee Ann Womack and Keith Whitley, and her mama proud with this timeless new tune.

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