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All Country News New Artist Spotlight: Country Music's Triple Threat Jenna Davis

At its core, country music is all about a strong story and evoking emotion, and Country newcomer Jenna Davis knows a thing or two about bringing a story to life.

Born in Plano, Texas the 19 talent's distinctive voice and witty personality allowed her to connect with fans through YouTube, ultimately getting her foot in the door. Since then her bright character has had her telling stories from TV to movies and now her latest venture country music.

Her debut single DiCaprio is already turning heads. Partnering with SMACKRecords, Jenna's bright vocals are backed by a catchy acoustic guitar and a steady beat and tell the story of a guy who thinks he is hot stuff, but misses the mark. Throughout the uptempo bop, Jenna finds her confidence and says bye bye to her would be suitor. Written by country music heavy hitters Walker Hayes, Kelsea Ballerini and Ross Copperman, Jenna uses her innate ability to bring a story to life on full display.

"I think the song is a perfect way to introduce me to town," Davis told All Country News. "I've been going back and forth from Nashville for about three years now. But now being in the community and work with people that I've looked up to for years is really a huge pitch me moment."

It really isn't a surprise that in the nearly ten years since she launched her YouTube channel her fan base has clung to the creative narratives she comes up with. Tapped into what her fan base craves, Jenna's effervescent personality is meant to be consumed over and over.

Now leaning into her passion for telling stories through song, Jenna wants to make sure fans see and hear the full story. "My mom and I have always planned out my visuals," Jenna told All Country News. "I really like that I can continue to tell a story how I envisioned it and stretch my creative muscles." Those creative muscles are put to good use during her fierce music video for DiCaprio, which has racked up an impressive 350k+ views on Youtube since its release! Set at a house party in the hills, Jenna scoffs at her ex for showing up and falling back into his old player ways. But this time she isn't having it.

"I am just excited to see where this all goes," Jenna smiled during her chat with us.

The country music triple threat effortlessly transitions between being a singer, songwriter and actress, showcasing her versatility and passion for telling a meaningful stories. In the end isnt our genre about finding a story that connects? If that is the case, the Texas native is a shining example of what pop-country acts should be striving for. But with that being said. Jenna Davis' story is only beginning.


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