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All Country News Premiere: Bree Jaxson Works Through Love Lost In New Single "Strangers Again"

Grab your tissues for this one.

After spending the last 13 years serving in the United States Air Force, Bree Jaxon knows a thing or two about heartbreak.

Strangers Again, tenderly carries listeners through the pain and struggle while taking the steps to grieve a breakup. From slowly forgetting their favorite song, to having not call when the Jameson bottle is getting low. The painfully relatable piano driven track evokes an emotional response that seems so familiar and gives hopes that healing is possible!

I wish I was feeling tipsy so it wouldn't hurt no more

"This song came from a place of healing and sadness. I wanted to demonstrate the importance of self-worth, as well as reassurance that you are strong enough to walk away and heal over time but still being okay to be sad that someone you loved will no longer be in your life," Bree told All Country News.

Showcasing vivid imagrey alongside sentimental melodies, Strangers Again gracefully ushers Bree Jaxon into the country music conversation.


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