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Amanda Kate Ferris Shares Her Connection To "Tequila & Jesus" In New Song

Independent up-and-comer Amanda Kate Ferris kicks off her 2023 with a catchy, easygoing ode to “Tequila & Jesus.” In a triumphant follow-up to “Baby Don’t,” the New Mexico-born and Texas-based artist continues to tell her story, embracing her country roots and lifestyle.

Photo credit: Patrick Yandoc

The song describes a simplistic small-town life fueled by drinks and faith. The catchy melody complements an irresistible fiddle riff and Southern twang, giving the track an authentic classic country sound. Reminiscent of co-writer Lainey Wilson’s sound and perspective, Ferris takes a fresh approach in her delivery of this song. A free-spirited cowgirl at heart, “Tequila & Jesus” allows the singer’s personality to shine.

Ferris' mother and The Dean Martin Show star Kathy Wright inspired her to begin pursuing music. However, the legendary Wynonna Judd probably has had the greatest influence on her craft. “I've always been drawn to singers that had a lot of power behind them and Wynonna Judd was that for me,” Ferris shares. “She has this grit to her voice that I love, and a level of conviction when singing that you felt.”

Fans might recognize Ferris from her time on Clash Of The Cover Bands, where the singer participated in a Carrie Underwood tribute band called Blown Away. The singer is beginning to establish her own voice, as her star continues to rise in 2023. Ferris shows immense promise as country's next big thing. We can't wait to continue following this queen on her musical journey!

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