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American Blonde Waves Goodbye To A Toxic Relationship In Sassy New Single

American Blonde's latest offering, "You Look Better On the Way Out," emerges as a vibrant fusion of pop and country, packed with empowering lyrics and infectious melodies.

Photo by Mackenzie Ryan Photography.

From the first chord, "You Look Better On the Way Out" captivates listeners with its energetic rhythm and catchy hooks. The sister duo's harmonious vocals intertwine seamlessly, adding depth and richness to the song's narrative.

Co-penned by American Blonde half Natalia (Nata) Morris, Tess Frizell, and Jimmy Nash, the song is a bold declaration of independence and self-assurance. Lines like "Don't turn around, you look better on the way out," exude a sense of liberation and empowerment, as the sisters embraces the end of a toxic relationship with grace, poise and a whole lot of sass!

While the lyrics reflect the pain of heartbreak, they also celebrate the freedom that comes with letting go of a relationship that no longer serves you. It's a testament to American Blonde's songwriting prowess that they can tackle such a universally relatable theme with both honesty and optimism. It's a perfect blend of modern pop sensibilities and traditional country storytelling, creating a sound that is uniquely American Blonde.

"We love this song so much simply because it embodies our energy in everyday life, as well as on stage with its bubbly-fun, country-rockin’ rhythm and sassy lyrics,” said Tinka We feel like 'You Look Better On the Way Out' is the perfect song to jam to when you’re finally feeling confident enough to stand on your own and say goodbye to that person in your life that never treats you the way you deserve to be treated! It’s really a story of taking back one’s power from someone that has narcissistic tendencies. And we believe that is something worth feeling good about and celebrating in song form!"

"You Look Better On the Way Out" is a fun loving anthem of resilience that has the feel of 90s country. Banding together, the tounge and cheek single shines with American Blonde's infectious energy and authentic storytelling. With its empowering message and irresistible hooks, this breakout hit is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners everywhere.


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