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ANC EXCLUSIVE: Kelsey Lamb Premieres Painfully Relatable Ballad "Too Much History"

With her newest track, "Too Much History," independent artist Kelsey Lamb captures a post-breakup struggle that many of us know all too well. Often, it is far from wise to remain friends with an ex, though our hearts may beg to differ. For those who need help processing the experience of running into an ex, Kelsey Lamb has got your back.

The Arkansas-born singer/songwriter first built a following on TikTok, winning fans over with her impeccable, detailed songwriting and angelic voice. Now based in Nashville, she has played at the iconic Bluebird Cafe (where none other than Taylor Swift was first discovered!) and Whiskey Jam. She started performing at the age of ten and has been perfecting her craft ever since. She cites Alison Krauss, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Thomas Rhett and Tim McGraw as her biggest musical influences.

I wrote “Too Much History” with Lexie Hayden and Taylor Goyette. I remember this write very vividly… Lexie came in with the idea and title, and all three of us threw our stories into the song, Kelsey told ACN.

I think what I love the most about this song is how collaborative the story is, and it just reminds me that we all go through breakups and we all go through the emotions of having to see our ex for the first time. In short, this song isn’t just one person's story.. The story belongs to everyone in the writing room that day, and to everyone that listens.

As I always say with every song I’ve written… I hope when listeners hear this song, they feel understood, they realize that everyone goes through this, and that they aren’t alone and it’s not supposed to be easy.

"Too Much History" builds on the themes of Lamb's previous releases, including "Heartbreak Away" and "When I Remember You," to tell an emotional and personal story. Simple guitar instrumentals allow Lamb's raw, heartfelt vocals to shine through.

Her rich style picks up notes from both mainstream pop and classic country; one could describe it as Miley Cyrus meets Miranda Lambert. Lamb brings unique elements and perspectives to country music, while maintaining a strong ability to connect with and relate to fans. We have no doubt she will soon rise to the top of the charts!

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