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ANC EXCLUSIVE: Tyler Hubbard Chats Solo Career "I Want My Kids To Know It's Ok To Start Over"

Tyler Hubbard, half of the iconic duo Florida Georgia Line and now a solo artist on the rise, has made lasting impacts on the country music world throughout his career. Recently, All Country News had the pleasure and privilege of talking to the star.

While Hubbard definitely felt some pressure to continue the legacy that his group had built for the last decade, going solo allowed him to become more personal in his craft. “It’s been more of an individual thing, as opposed to a brand or a band,” Hubbard told us. “After doing what we’ve been doing for the last 12 years, it feels like it’s time to go a little deeper, to be a little bit more personal, to connect with the fans on a more personal level.” Overall, the success of his new songs - especially their ability to resonate with fans - is “inspiring and encouraging” to Hubbard.

Simultaneously a father, husband, and musician, Hubbard wears several hats and makes it look easy. His debut solo single, “5 Foot 9,” describes the little things in everyday life that he’s most grateful for. “Jack makes good whiskey, but God makes the good stuff,” he sings. Several have perceived the track as a romantic love song, but Hubbard thinks that “the good stuff” carries a much deeper meaning.

When we asked Hubbard what this phrase means to him, he said, “I get to look around and see it almost every day, and I know I allude to it in a lot of these songs, but, you know, getting to make music that makes people happy… getting to connect with people.”

While Florida Georgia Line’s fan base was already loving “5 Foot 9,” a viral TikTok trend dramatically expanded the song’s reach and introduced more people to the brilliant artist. When his management called to inform him of the trend, Hubbard had the cutest initial reaction - “First of all, what does that even mean? Secondly, I need to get on TikTok and see what this is all about.” And with that, Hubbard joined the wonderful world of TikTok. We absolutely love to see it.

Another standout from Hubbard’s solo catalog includes “Inside And Out,” which is perhaps one of his most heartfelt songs. It details Hubbard’s unconditional love for his children. His 4-year-old daughter Olivia Rose has adorably claimed the track as “her song.” Hubbard even displays videos of his children on the screens when he sings it in concert.

Hubbard describes country music as a genre centered around “authenticity.” His raw storytelling always shines through, both in his work with Florida Georgia Line and in his solo projects. Hubbard’s growing audience appreciates and enjoys the glimpses they get into his everyday life through song.

Several older fans of country music feel like they have grown up with Hubbard in a sense, following his career right from Florida Georgia Line’s beginnings. The duo even introduced several members of Gen Z to country music. We’re excited to continue following Hubbard in this next chapter of his musical journey. We can’t wait to see where the future takes him.

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