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Andrew Jannakos Shares His Vulnerability In Emotional New Single “‘Gettin’ There’"

January 27th 2023

Take one part, John Mayer and one part tender twang, shake it out and outcomes breakout country star Andrew Jannakos! He just has one of those voices that bull you in from the jump.

Credit Matthew Berinato

RCA Nashville/Sony Music Nashville vocalist Andrew Jannakos released his latest track, “Gettin’ There,” today, and it is truly a must listen!

“‘Gettin’ There’ is a song about vulnerability and working towards something better,” Jannakos said. “It’s about realizing that you may not be in the best spot, and that’s ok, but you can always keep working towards something greater. It’s also about those friends and family that are there with you no matter what, which we all need.”

Jannakos said with All Country News in a recent interview that he has been sober for eight years, an impressive feat. "I've been able to write some of my best music now and truly reflect," he told ACN. "The song is a letter to my now wife and son that I am always growing and changing. I hope this song can remind people to keep going even if you're in a tough spot," a well needed reminder in todays world.

A beautifully constructed chorus makes listeners do a deep dive into their own past, something every country artist strives to do.

Baby, don't give up on me

We both know that where I'm at ain't where I'm gonna be

I been too far gone for too damn long

And Lord knows that I'm running out of prayers

But I'm gettin' there

Jannakos's song was made for this song! His effortlessly tender vocals help to bring listeners through the touching tale.

Last month Jannakos was surprised with a Gold-certification plaque for his explosive debut single “Gone Too Soon” while he was on stage at his sold-out hometown show in Flowery Branch, GA. Upon the official release of the song, Jannakos earned a #1 debut on Billboard’s Emerging Artist Chart, while the track landed at #12 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart and within the Hot 100. “Gone Too Soon” has amassed over 90 million on-demand streams to date.

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