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Artist Spotlight: Landon Parker Blends Traditional Country Sounds In An Updated Way

If George Strait and modern country had a child, it'd be the phenomenal and quickly rising Landon Parker. With a typical small town perspective, complete with hunting and fishing, Parker brings traditional influences and subject matter to mainstream country. He masters emotional and vivid storytelling in everything he puts out, establishing himself as the perfect mix of 90s and modern country.

"I graduated with like 200 people," Landon told All Country News. "Everybody grew up farming, hunting, and fishing, just everything country," he chuckled.

Parker picked up his first guitar at 16 years old, with his dad serving as his first musical inspiration and guitar teacher. "I jalways had a love for country music. And my dad taught me a couple chords. My first song was just a Closer Walk With Thee."

This helped fuel his passion for country music. He grew up on Brooks & Dunn, The Chicks, and Montgomery Gentry to name a few, but his first real experience with music was a Rascal Flatts CD he purchased while visiting Disney World.

Nervous at first to sing in front of people, Landon confided in his father and hometown shows for a boost of confidence.

Parker didn't initially plan on a solo career. "I moved to town to join a country band," Landon said. "After a couple years we parted ways, and I figured I would just move back to Charlotte." But when the opportunity presented itself (with Tim McGraw involved, no less) his individual voice rapidly developed - particularly with one co-write he described as "the turning point for [his] songwriting." "I just put the pieces of the puzzle together, like who I am and what I want to write about," he reflected. Notes and voice memos, some from as early as 2017, never fail to keep the ideas flowing.

His newest release which he wrote himself, "Your Baby Girl," intentionally as a father-daughter dance song from the getgo. Personal to his wife, yet accurate in its portrayal of universal feelings and details, this sweet track is a masterpiece.

It even includes his wife as a writing credit, although the only word she contributed was "sparklers" (the alternative would've been "birdseed," if you're curious). As it brought tears to the eyes of his family and fans alike, Parker reflected that the song showed the true power of his genre. "Country music got me out of some really tough times, and it's just so emotional," he explained. "The fact that I was able to write something that can connect to other people means a lot to me."

Don't forget to catch him on the road with Tyler Booth and Randall King, as well as at various festivals and possibly even the Grand Ole Opry! We are keeping our fingers crossed for some new music as well. Parker is already on his way to becoming the next big thing in country music. It's only up from here!


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