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As We Wait For "One Thing At A Time," Here's Our 10 Favorite Morgan Wallen Songs

We’re less than a week away from Morgan Wallen’s upcoming third studio album, One Thing At A Time. Can you believe how close the big day is? Sooner than we know it, we’ll hear what is undoubtedly the king’s magnum opus, with a whopping 36-song tracklist for starters. As we anticipate the start of a new era for him, here’s our top 10 picks from his discography up to this point!

Image credit: John Shearer

10. "Tennessee Fan”

A proud Knoxville boy, Morgan isn’t afraid to bring a new love interest over to the Vols’ side. Several of us are jealous of the Bama girl he’s singing about, but we love Morgan’s irresistible, charming vocals and ability to tell a fun story. We expect to hear this one played at every SEC football game next season.

9. “Bandaid On A Bullet Hole”

Something about Morgan’s bonus tracks just hits different! Contrasting his usual upbeat approach to pop-country, “Bandaid On A Bullet Hole” puts his strong emotion and unmatched vocals on full display. We really hope he includes more ballads on One Thing At A Time - they suit his voice so well!

8. “Little Rain”

“Little Rain” is an underrated B-side from If I Know Me, which came out almost five years ago! Since almost the entire country is experiencing severe rainstorms, we might as well put this one on the list. With poetic lyrics and a refreshing approach to production, “Little Rain” is the type of country song that we wish there was more of.

7. “Your Bartender”

Dangerous: The Double Album arguably brought out Morgan at his rawest and most creative. His authenticity and passion shined through in “Your Bartender,” as he reflects on his relationship with an ex he wishes for another chance with. Personifying himself as multiple things - including her car, her radio, and even her memory - he truly outdid himself with the lyrics on this one.

6. “More Surprised Than Me”

Although at its core, “More Surprised Than Me” covers true love in places one least expects it, the thoughtful lyrics in the verses double as a social commentary. Morgan points out how easy it is to mislead others about yourself - for example, you can appear smart by buying a Harvard sweatshirt from Goodwill. We’re in love with this track, which reminds us that nothing really is as it seems.

5. “Thought You Should Know”

Fittingly released on Mother’s Day of last year, “Thought You Should Know” makes us tear up every time. Morgan dedicated this sweet track to his mother, filling it with personal and sentimental details. We’re so glad that he shared this huge piece of his heart with us. Also, did we mention that it currently holds the top spot on Mediabase’s country radio charts?

4. “Silverado For Sale”

“Silverado For Sale” is a fan-favorite that you really can’t go wrong with. This song contains the whole package, especially the expertly crafted lyrics that tell an everyday story. Even if you can’t relate to selling or buying a truck, it’s easygoing and enticing. We think this one really exemplifies the heart and soul of modern country music.

3. “This Side Of A Dust Cloud”

Remember what we said about Morgan’s bonus tracks? Yeah, we can’t take this one off repeat either, and it’s a crime that it never went to radio. It once again incorporates the introspectiveness which he has nailed, using imagery and metaphors to demonstrate that his ex is never coming back. We’re manifesting that he adds it to the setlist of his One Night At A Time tour - it’s guaranteed to give everyone chills.

2. “Days That End In Why”

In some ways, “Days That End In Why” serves as an extension of “This Side Of A Dust Cloud,” and not just because of similarities sonically and lyrically. From what we’ve heard so far, it’s our favorite on One Thing At A Time. The impressive wordplay and painfully vivid lyrics bring this song’s story to life.

1. “Sand In My Boots” (The Dangerous Sessions)

Can you really go wrong with a classic like “Sand In My Boots,” particularly the even more heart-wrenching Dangerous Sessions version? Even though small town breakup songs are somewhat overdone in country music, something about this one just works. The rawness and intimacy of this track hooks us, and leaves us in a puddle of tears.

Whether you prefer his newer singles, his career-defining Dangerous, his debut If I Know Me, or even his days on The Voice, Morgan is undeniably a defining force of the country music scene. His work has shaped country music into what it is today, and he remains on top. We’re simply not ready for what he has in store for us come Friday!

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