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Ashley Anne Claps Back At Nay Sayers In Sharp New Single "Get Well Soon."

Ashley Anne has something to say. Today the Virginia Beach powerhouse makes her stake in Music City with the hauntingly clever new track Get Well Soon.

With clever word play and a touch of back handed sass, Ashley sends a message to her listeners loud and clear, she won't be messed with!

Get Well Soon is a song I wrote for the bullies as well as those who have been bullied. I

sympathize with people who are hurting and inflict their pain onto others, I mean that. I wrote this song right after I had been called out for something I was insecure about to begin with, and the pain I felt was immense," tells Ashley in a press release.

The complex story begs to be listened to more than once! Ashley's soft grit takes listens through the twists and turns of giving your haters a back handed compliment.

Thinking about empowering anyone who has ever been a victim of bullying, as well as emphasizing to people that kindness does make a big difference. Rather than it being a “screw off” song, I wanted to make light of a dark situation," Ashley continues.

Ashley is able to vividly personify the "sickness" a bully seams to have when they are "obsessed with everything I do." Full of clever twists and turns Ashley anne comes out on top. Get Well Soon makes a mark. Country music has been craving powerhouse ladies, and Ashley Anne delivers!


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