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Ashley Cooke Stuns In Double Release Of "Running Back" And "Dirt On Em"

Following the breakout success of her Already Drank That Beer album cycle, rising star Ashley Cooke continues to be on a roll. In August and September, the singer respectively blessed fans with "getting into" and "back in the saddle." Earlier this month, she gave her debut performance at the prestigious Grand Ole Opry. As she wraps her second headlining stint for the Grammy-nominated Cole Swindell, she drops two phenomenal new tracks - "running back" and "dirt on 'em."

Cooke's craft draws inspiration from her generation's biggest pop and country stars - Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, and Rascal Flatts, to name a few. Moving from Florida to Nashville at age 18 allowed Cooke to discover and develop her passion for music. Her outreach exponentially grew as she posted her raw, captivating original songs to TikTok during the pandemic.

Her music covers a variety of themes, overall revealing multiple facets of love, everyday life, and breakups. A few weeks ago, Cooke had tested the waters with "running back" and "dirt on em," teasing demos on social media. Fans flocked to her comment sections, expressing their excitement for new music and ability to connect with the snippets' lyrics.

Through the teasers, fans already knew of the impressive wordplay in "running back" - a song about a high school football player that Cooke hates to admit she'd come "running back" to. However, Cooke further shattered listeners' hearts with painfully vivid imagery in the bridge, especially the line "I'd come running back to your car, black ice on the rearview/Climb in your lap driving home like we used to." Another poignant, truthful line will undoubtedly help many fans put their experiences into perspective: "Just 'cause we grew up, don't mean we got closure."

"Dirt On Em" is just as much of a banger that the snippet indicates it would be. Packed with high-energy instrumentals and bold lyrics, this masterpiece covers Cooke's type in a romantic relationship. She proclaims that she likes an adventurous, edgy guy and doesn't mind a little "whiskey stain" on his name. A more pop and rock-influenced track in Cooke's discography, it has already gained fan-favorite status. If you're looking for a new song to scream-sing in your car with the windows down, we highly recommend this one.

With the simultaneous drop of two phenomenal tracks, Cooke continues to hone her artistry and stage presence. Both her easygoing nature and gritty personality shine through. Her multi-dimensionality and cleverness, as a lyricist and performer, sets her apart from the sea of newcomers in Nashville. Her songwriting gives fans an unfiltered glimpse into her personality and identity, keeping herself authentic even as she grows her stardom.

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