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Ashley Cooke Teases New Music Following Phenomenal Opry Debut

Last week, Ashley Cooke celebrated numerous milestones. She kicked it off with a New York tour stop in support of Cole Swindell, before appearing on ACM's Wine Down Week with fellow rising star Lily Rose. And most triumphantly, Cooke delivered a stunning first performance on country music's biggest stage, the Grand Ole Opry.

On top of all this, Cooke is working hard in the studio. In the past couple of months, she has blessed us with "getting into" and "back in the saddle," and it appears that two more are already on their way. The Instagram snippets of these tracks, entitled "running back" and "dirt on em," have already hooked fans. In the comments, one listener even bribed the singer with all of her Halloween candy in exchange for an official single release. We really hope Ashley takes up on this offer, as we cannot wait to add the full versions of these songs to our playlists.

The two new tracks feature Cooke's impeccable belt, embracing a healthy mix of mainstream and classic country elements. The clever songwriting on "running back" vividly captures thoughts of wanting to return to an ex, against one's better judgement. "Running back number forty-nine, you had me from the sidelines," reflects Cooke, before admitting, "No matter how far down the road, the crazy thing is that I know / If you called and said you're missing what we had, I'd come running back." Ouch, we've all been there. Several can already relate to the song, with the resonant lyrics and melodies reflecting experiences of recent breakups. Cooke has a strong track record of connecting with listeners through her music, helping them process all types of emotions. It's extremely likely that "running back" will continue this pattern.

The more upbeat "dirt on em" also contains captivating imagery right from the getgo. "You say you got some history, your past ain't crystal clean / Got some rips that are gonna need patching, ain't just talking about those blue jeans," sings Cooke in the track's poignant opening lyrics. The catchy tune flawlessly fits Cooke's vocal style, complemented by irresistible hooks in the production. Just when we thought this snippet couldn't get any better, a hard-hitting guitar chord welcomes the chorus with a bang. We can already imagine how amazing this one will sound live, with crowds screaming and dancing along once they have the chance to learn the lyrics.

With an influx of spectacular performances and song releases, Cooke is currently taking the country music world by storm. The authentic musician and storyteller is one of the genre's most talented up-and-comers. With her impressive achievements thus far, Cooke quickly climbs the ranks in the music industry. We have no doubt that she is the next big thing!

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