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Ashley McBryde Chats Journey From Arkansas To Opry Stage

Ashley McBryde's journey from Arkansas State University to becoming a celebrated country artist is a story of passion, persistence, and genuine talent. In a recent interview with Apple Music, she candidly shared pivotal moments that shaped her career.

Via Houston Chronicle

During her college years, Ashley pursued classical music and played the French horn. However, her true calling was in the bars and music scene. In Memphis, just a short distance from her college town, she started performing in bars. This marked the beginning of her journey into the world of music.

In 2006, Ashley made the leap to Nashville, playing at local spots and learning the ropes of the industry. She reflected on those early days, sharing that there wasn't much pay for performers back then. She had to supplement her income by playing in various cities, from Arkansas to Indiana.

Her collaborative album "Lindeville" was another significant milestone. It started with the song "Blackout Betty," inspired by her playful nickname when she had a little too much to drink. The album's characters and stories came together during a writing retreat with fellow artists. The creative process and collaboration resulted in a record she's immensely proud of. Ashley's honesty about the selection process for her albums showcased the rigorous effort behind her music. She and her band charted songs, played them together and fine-tuned their selection. The final album, like a snapshot of the moment, reflects where she is artistically.

Ashley also talked about staying true to herself even with all the external pressures and expectations. She emphasized the importance of following her instincts and doing what she loves, regardless of others' opinions.

A highlight of Ashley's journey came when she was inducted as a member of the Grand Ole Opry. Her emotions overflowed as she spoke about the honor. She described it as the world tied up in a bow, a moment of validation that she truly belonged in the country music family. The Opry's significance went beyond the stage, it became her home, where her name and face are forever inscribed, a part of the history and future of country music.

Ashley McBryde's story is one of accepting challenges, fostering creativity, and staying true to oneself. From her humble beginnings playing bars to her esteemed place in the Grand Ole Opry, her journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists and a reminder of the power of passion and authenticity in the world of music.

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