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Ashley McBryde Sings Of Accidentally Dating Your Cousin On The Jennifer Hudson Show

Between her concept album Lindeville and her recent single Light On In The Kitchen, it should be abundantly clear by now that Ashley McBryde is one of the best songwriters of our generation. The recent Grammy winner has consistently shown her unmatched strength in storytelling, with her vivid and easy-to-visualize lyrics. Her detail and tone can make any narrative sound beautiful and intriguing - whether that is eating pancakes in the middle of the night, telling someone to put their bra on, or even accidentally dating your cousin.

All three of the above are real examples, the last of which she came up with on the spot during her Jennifer Hudson Show appearance. At the show’s taping, Jennifer invited audience members to share scenarios for Ashley to attempt a song about. An audience member named Kenya described how a co-worker set her up on a blind date, which turned out to be her cousin. (Oof.)

Well, we’re just going to leave Ashley’s masterpiece here - she literally stated that "it's already a country song" before singing it.

Yeah, no one can truly do it like Ashley McBryde. Can she teach us her ways?

Anyways, don’t forget to catch her on her ongoing US tour, and keep streaming “Light On In The Kitchen”!! This queen deserves all the love she gets and more.

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