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Ashley McBryde Welcomes Fans to "Lindeville" With Phenomenal New Album

Welcome to Lindeville, and buckle up, y'all. This one's going to be a wild ride.

With a beautifully absurd premise and flawless penning that just works, Ashley McBryde and her numerous collaborators have detailed small-town life and its people in thirteen carefully crafted tracks. McBryde has mastered several aspects of songwriting - with humor shining through in "Brenda Put Your Bra On" and "Jesus Jenny," haunting character development of pets in "If These Dogs Could Talk," and bold resolution in "Bonfire at Tina's." The complex storylines pull listeners into McBryde's fictional world, inviting them on an eventful journey as they stream the album in order.

And yes, to get the full effect, you can't put this one on shuffle. The first track is mostly lighthearted - even slightly leaving us with thoughts of "are you serious, Ashley? Okay, what is this?" - but as early as track two, we quickly realize the underlying depth of Lindeville's characters. The inclusion of thirty-second radio jingles and news channel-like instrumentals bring McBryde's vision to life. Honestly, during these sections, we double-checked that Spotify hadn't hit us with one of their regularly programmed advertisements. A standout includes "Forkem Family Funeral Home" - it's quite jarring how such an upbeat, energetic tune advertises a bleak and somber service. It's all these small details that transform McBryde's masterpiece from thirteen simple songs into an immersive experience, kind of like a musical audiobook.

"I’d like to think that when you first get to town, you think to yourself, ‘What a cute little neighborhood,’” explains McBryde. “And then the next thing you see is dishes flying across Main Street. And you’re like, ‘Okay! Good morning, Lindeville!’ And that’s when we find out that Tina’s friends are witnessing her catching Marvin cheating."

Lindeville is just the latest testament to McBryde's unmatched skills in songwriting, especially when it comes to imagery. One of her earliest hits, "A Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega," paints an equally vivid picture of a specific location in the Georgian small town. Lindeville takes that type of work a step further, as this new record's stories all stem from McBryde's imagination instead of real-life experiences.

The new album is just the latest in McBryde's huge list of accomplishments this year alone. Earlier in September, McBryde received five CMA nominations, including for #1 duet "Never Wanted To Be That Girl" with Carly Pearce. Safe to say that McBryde is close to the top of our list of all-time favorite people. We've always looked at the superstar as one of country music's biggest icons, and Lindeville only solidifies our position on that.

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