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Ashley Ryan Falls In Love With A Farm Boy In Clever New Twanger One Tractor Mind

This song is fun from start to finish!

I think it is safe to say that a man on a tractor is a fantasy for alot of women! Well today rising country songstress Ashley Ryan answers the call with her flirtatious summertime twanger One Tractor Mind.

Originally from Corona, California. Ashley grew up with a natural talent for writing poetry and playing guitar. Her love for music and singing coupled with her lyrical abilities, quickly evolved into a passion for songwriting. She moved to Music City in 2018 to make her mark, and man is she! Not afraid to add feminine flair and a dash of sass, Ashley's take on a female's songwriting perspective is refreshing.

The upbeat guitar heavy track is one part Suds In The Bucket one part She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy. Ashley's traditional twang tells the story of a girl who has fallen head over boots for a man on a tractor, and won't take no for an answer, because "somethin' bout his diesel has her comin' undone.

Fun flirty and upbeat, Ashley Ryan's brand of country music is a swift return to the sounds and stories from of the genre's best ladies, and we are here for it!


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