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Ashley Ryan's "Them Cowboys": A Sizzling Summer Anthem

Just as the sun begins to blaze and summer kicks into high gear, Ashley Ryan gallops onto the country music scene with her latest single, "Them Cowboys." The newly minted ONErpm Nashville artist brings the heat with a track that fuses modern country vibes with an affectionate nod to the legendary ladies of country music. "Them Cowboys" isn't just a song; it's a spirited declaration of Ashley's lifelong love affair with the cowboy mystique.

Photo by Alex Wieland

The single opens with a nostalgic reflection on a pivotal childhood memory, as Ashley sings, "It was the summer of '07, I was 8 years old, mama took me to the rodeo." From that moment, she was hooked, and her passion for all things cowboy only grew stronger with time. The lyrics vividly paint a picture of a young girl whose heartstrings were forever changed, capturing the essence of why cowboys hold a special place in her heart. Ashley Ryan’s powerhouse vocals shine as she croons about "muddy boots deep dug roots" and "8 second riders coming outta that chute." Ashley doesn't just tell us about her admiration; she makes us feel it, with every note steeped in authenticity and a sassy sense of longing.

In a chorus that's as catchy as it is heartfelt, Ashley confesses her soft spot for "dusty blue jeans, Ariat and pearl snaps, smiling at me." Her voice dances over the melody with a blend of strength and tenderness, much like the cowboys she sings about—strong yet gentle, tough yet tender. It's a tribute to the romanticized cowboy ideal, with a wink to the "drug store John Wayne's" and a nod to the "real McCoys."

The production of "Them Cowboys" perfectly balances traditional and contemporary elements. There's a modern polish to the instrumentation, but the song retains a rootsy, down-home feel that would make the greats of country music proud. The blend of twangy guitars and steady percussion creates a foot-tapping rhythm that feels just right for a summer drive with the windows down.

Ashley Ryan’s move to Music City in 2018 has culminated in this moment, and "Them Cowboys" signals the beginning of an exciting new chapter in her career. Armed with country music firepower and boundless creativity, she is poised to make a significant impact on the genre. This track isn't just a new single; it's a statement of intent, a clear message that Ashley Ryan is here to stay and ready to ride.

As you soak up the summer sun and embrace the season's adventures, let "Them Cowboys" be your soundtrack. It's a song that celebrates not only the cowboys Ashley loves but also the enduring spirit of country music. Ashley Ryan—you've got a thing for them cowboys, and now we've got a thing for you.


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