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Ashley Ryan's "Too Far Gone" EP: A Journey Back to Authentic Country Roots

Nashville-based country artist, Ashley Ryan, is set to enchant fans with her latest EP, "Too Far Gone", a heartfelt tribute to the early 2000s country sound she holds dear. Originally from Corona, California, Ashley's move to Nashville in 2017 marked the beginning of a journey that has now culminated in an EP filled with sassy country tunes and authentic storytelling. Now armed with a degree in music business from Belmont University, Ashley's journey in the industry is fueled by her love for storytelling through country music.

Ashley's journey took an unexpected turn when she found herself on stage with country superstar Keith Urban. Her name was picked at random to go up on stage and announce his Nashville tour date, this led to a remarkable duet, an invitation to perform at the Bridgestone Arena, and a transformative experience that ignited her pursuit of artistry. Since then, Ashley has released singles and music videos, gearing up for the release of her first EP.

Ashley's new EP, "Too Far Gone," encapsulates the essence of her commitment to the traditional country sound. One of the standout tracks, "Hush Little Baby" tackles a sad theme of domestic violence with vivid and suggestive lyrics. Ashley's ability to craft story songs that resonate emotionally sets her apart, offering listeners a unique experience reminiscent of the early 2000s country era.

The title track, "Too Far Gone" is a spirited anthem rejecting societal norms. With lyrics that celebrate the authenticity of country living, Ashley proudly declares her faithfulness to her roots. The song captures the clash between her down-to-earth values and the expectations of high society, emphasizing her refusal to conform.

"Just a House" and "One Tractor Mind" dive into sentimental and playful narratives. "Just a House" embodies the emotional connection between a person and their home. Ashley captures the essence of nostalgia and the deep bond between a house and its inhabitants. The song beautifully explores the bittersweet moments tied to memories within the walls of a home. "One Tractor Mind" combines country imagery with a flirty narrative, creating a lighthearted yet catchy song. The lyrics playfully convey the distraction caused by love, using the metaphor of a one-track mind focused on a significant other.

"Yours" is a breakup anthem that advocates independence and self-worth. Ashley confidently declares that she won't be defined by a failed relationship, emphasizing her resilience and strength. The song is a powerful statement of reclaiming one's identity and moving forward with confidence.

In "Bad for You" Ashley embraces change and growth, liberating herself from a toxic relationship. The lyrics convey a sense of empowerment, where what may be detrimental to one person becomes an opportunity for another. The song explores the theme of self-discovery and the strength of breaking free from negative influences.

"I'm so excited to finally release my debut EP, Too Far Gone. It has been such a joy to write songs that I’m so passionate about. You get the all sass, the nostalgia, the heartfelt storytelling, the brutal honesty - and everything in between! I hope everyone who listens will get a taste of that early 2000’s country that I love and grew up on," Ashley tells All Country News.

Ashley Ryan's "Too Far Gone" EP promises to be a captivating journey into the heart of authentic country storytelling. With each song offering a unique narrative and emotional depth, Ashley invites listeners to experience a range of themes from domestic strength and playful love to nostalgic reflections and empowering breakups


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