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Athlete Turned Songstress Whitney Miller Gives A One Two Punch In New Music Video

Whitney Miller went with her gut, and she was right.

Today the Texas riser released the music video for her track Nobody and damn does it pack a punch!

Pulling from the painfully relatable personal experience that you are not your "someone's only one," Miller gives a voice to those to scared to tell their truth as well!

Bringing to life the cold hard facts of a cheating situation, Miller’s latest video for Nobody offers a unique perspective where following your gut instinct is key. “He swears there’s nobody to blame for this feeling I can’t shake, I think nobody’s got a name” is just the starting point in this “love gone wrong” scenario.

“I was in a relationship where my "somebody," had a "Nobody"...well, actually multiple Nobodys,” says Miller to All Country News. “Unfortunately, I know that feeling is something too many of us can relate to and know the pain of being in relationships that we can't fully trust. This song spotlights exactly that. We all deserve love. We all deserve honesty and my hope is that this song can bring support knowing that you aren't the only one that has felt betrayed and unworthy of love. If I know anything at all from my personal experience, it's that sometimes when your "somebody," has a "Nobody" you come out the other side stronger than before.”

The striking music video evokes the personal emotion that Miller draped so beautifully across the guitar heavy track. In a genre that is craving raw stories and a mature female perspective, Whitney Miller delivers!


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