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Austin Snell Prays For Change In New Single Pray All The Way Home

What happens when you mix a catchy hook, some grungey guitar and some spot on relatability? You get the head bobbing new tune Pray All The Way Home from country riser Austin Snell!

Austin Snell, who just moved to Nashville this past year, seemlessly incorporates both rock and country into his craft, and this new track is no exception. The song reflects Snell's true voice, impacting its ability to connect with fans, all the while emphasizing writing from the heart and covering universal experiences.

The Georgia tunesmith pulls from the struggles of everyday and prays that better days lie ahead as he makes his way home. The song is as muddy and Georgia backwoods and allows Snell's imagery he creates with a pen to shine.

“This song is really about the struggles that people, including myself, have to face every single day,” says Snell. “I think so many of us face the same challenges day in and day out and choose to bury the problems instead of fixing them. My hope is that people will see themselves in this song and feel less alone," Austin said in a press release.

A well needed breath of fresh air, Snell shows promise with his well thought-out penning and impeccable ability to cross genre lines.


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