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Ava Paige Shared Her Inspiring Journey and New Single on The Kelly Clarkson Show

It was a typical night at the local Nashville karaoke restaurant when ten-year-old Ava Paige stepped on stage to sing B-52's classic "Love Shack.” Little did she know that her love for singing, combined with an unexpected meeting with none other than Kelly Clarkson, would ultimately lead to an incredible journey of strength, resilience, and giving back.

Today, Ava Paige stands not just as a talented singer but also as the founder of Pick'n and Kick'n Cancer with Ava Paige, a foundation she started to inspire hope and support teens battling cancer. She faced her own battle with cancer and proudly announced she was 22 months cancer-free. Her experience compelled her to start "Pick'n and Kick'n Cancer," a foundation aimed at providing gift baskets for teenagers affected by cancer. Her mission was clear: to inspire hope spread awareness, and encourage others to pick up the fight against cancer with determination and courage.

During her treatment, Ava was inspired by the support she received from her family, friends, and medical team. Kelly Clarkson declared, “That had to inspire something about the journey.” Ava added, “Absolutely. Oh my gosh, yes. I’ve been writing a ton. Actually, have a new single coming out soon. And, it’s just a bunch of performing, writing with some incredible artists.”

The moment was even more special as she unveiled her new single, "Have to Be," a song she had written about her own experience battling cancer. The emotional and powerful performance left Kelly Clarkson in tears, moved by Ava's resilience and vulnerability. Guest stars, Darius Rucker, a renowned country artist, and Nikki Glaser, a popular comedian and actress, joined in with the cheers from the audience.

Ava's journey from a karaoke-loving ten-year-old to a cancer survivor and founder of Pick'n and Kick'n Cancer with Ava Paige is an inspiring tale of resilience and determination. As her time on the show wrapped up, Kelly Clarkson shared that she was gifting Ava a five-day island vacation to Turks and Caicos. This act showed that even in the face of adversity, we can come together to make a positive impact in the world.

You can purchase her candle, You’ve Got This, in which $5 from each purchase benefits Pick'n and Kick'n Cancer with Ava Paige, at


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