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Becca Bowen’s Shares Personal Journey in New EP “County Line”

Becca Bowen is back with new music and it will heal your soul! Her EP “County Line” - now streaming everywhere - tells a vulnerable story of loss and growth. The collection of six songs reveals a new side of Becca’s genuine songwriting and raw vocal talent.

Click HERE to listen to Becca Bowen’s EP “County Line” while we break down each song!


Becca doesn’t hesitate to get personal, kicking off the EP with a song about ending her relationship with a “no-good two-timing Son of a Gun”. Starting today, Becca is single and free from his toxicity. You’ve likely heard this song on social media or a recent playlist, as it’s received countless views on TikTok and over 50,000 streams on Spotify since its release in 2022. There’s room on every heartbreak playlist for the upbeat tempo and relatable message throughout this song.


Heartache is taken head-on in, gotta-snap-your-fingers song, If I’m Being Honest. Becca sings of the familiar story of getting dolled up and hitting the town in an effort to simultaneously forget an ex and hopefully meet someone new. The final words of the chorus and song, “they all look better than you,” is both a jab at an ex, and a sign of optimism for everyone going through a rough breakup. It’s clear Becca wants listeners to know that not only is there someone else out there for you, but EVERYONE else out there is a better option than the last loser - and that you are beautiful and deserving of someone who sees that.


This slow melody of Baby Lie to Me will make you pause, and really listen to every word Becca chooses for this song. Frustration meets confusion in the lyrics, but the truth will cause more pain than healing. “It’s hard to see the truth in the pieces that are shattered. I want to believe you’re still in love with me. The truth won’t set me free, so baby lie to me.” You can feel the pain the lies have caused in Becca’s emotionally shattered vocals, emphasized with each strum of the guitar.


The title track County Line  beautifully relays Becca’s father’s wisdom:

“Keep on living, man. Give things a second chance. Learn to dance to the rhythm of your heart. Life’s too short to spend feeling irrelevant. Gotta chase your dreams if you wanna leave your mark, and that all starts when you cross that county line.”

In the beginning, Becca questioned if she was brave enough to leave the safety of her hometown. Because of her father’s advice, she grabbed her keys to hit the road and turn her dreams into a reality. The narrative of this song makes it clear Becca’s father makes a huge impact on her music, career, and her life. The words he shared with her are so important, now that she has kids of her own, she’s honored to pass down her dad’s advice.


Becca exudes self-empowerment in the girl-anthem I Choose Me. The beat and the instrumentation in this song will make you want to grab your girlfriends and dance in the living room. Whether you’re going through a break up, or even another conflict, Becca reminds her listeners that YOU are what’s most important.

“I choose me. The girl I used to know. The one who danced in the rain, found strength in the pain with a smile that could light up the room.”

Becca paints a vivid picture of happiness despite all the personal struggles she has shared with us up until this point. Her optimism gleams in this energetic tune, and the message is one worth hearing often.


Becca displays her incredible storytelling in the gentle song On To The Next Ride. Tender piano underscores a deeply personal story from a family friend who lost their loved one in a tragic accident.

“With a heart that’s made of gold and a willingness to try. Protects the ones she loves, never giving up the fight. You can never break her spirit, you can never break her stride. She’ll just get back up on that house and ride.”

This song closing out the EP is a perfect reminder from Becca that there’s no better time than now to spread your wings and fly. The future is bright for her, and it’s bright for you too.

The release of an EP is something to celebrate. Come along with Becca to her EP release party in this exclusive Instagram Reel!

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