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Ben Burgess Will Make You Cry “Tears The Size Of Texas” With Outstanding Debut Album

Big Loud’s rising artist, Ben Burgess, has just dropped his first full-length project. We're truly in awe of the breakout star’s long-anticipated debut. Honestly, this might be the one of the most sonically diverse albums we’ve ever reviewed.

We’re so happy to see Burgess himself loving the new record as much as fans do. “This means everything to me,” said Burgess. “To have a project with my voice on it that represents me? That's a lifetime achievement. It's my life's work to make it here.” We agree - putting out ten authentic and artistically crafted songs is one of the greatest things anyone could accomplish. We love how Burgess refers to the project as his personal “greatest hits” collection.

Burgess included beautiful figurative language in the title track (painting a picture of heartbreak with “I've been crying tears the size of Texas/ The Corpus Christi coast flooding my porch”) and “White Picket Fence” (“You’re the queen of hearts/ I’m just a joker with a diamond / You were hoping for a full house / I guess that I was just lying to myself”). Vividly portraying stories in musical form has long been Burgess’ greatest strength.

The Dallas-born artist broke into the industry as a songwriter, penning masterpieces for the industry’s biggest stars. His extensive catalogue began with the Jonas Brothers’ pop hit “Chillin’ In The Summertime,” but after his relocation to Nashville, he wrote the 7x platinum “Whiskey Glasses” for Morgan Wallen and “My Religion” for Dierks Bentley. In conclusion, y’all have this legend to thank for some of your favorite songs.

After taking the renowned Rhett Akins’ advice of “writ[ing] what you love” to heart, Burgess ended up with ten flawless tracks that reflected his identity and unique voice extremely well. Upon listening, we clearly see why Burgess decided to save them for his own project rather than give them to other artists. His experience as a writer in a plethora of genres feeds well into this record. With a perfect combination of southern charm and storytelling, as well as a healthy mix of lighter and heavier topics, Burgess shines on the album’s eight “cowboy songs” and two “murder ballads.” Fans of mainstream pop, alternative, and classic country would all enjoy Burgess’ debut album.

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