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Ben Gallaher Releases Revealing, Autobiographical "Country In The House"

A common theme of most traditional country music is authentic storytelling, especially the 90s legends that Ben Gallaher takes influence from. His brand new album Country In The House best exemplifies the autobiographical and communicative techniques that make us fall in love with this subgenre.

“I believe that, no matter who you are, there’s a song for you on this record,” said Gallaher of the project. “My hope is that listeners latch onto a lyric, a melody, or a guitar solo and feel it. I’m pumped for it to be out in the world!”

Image Credit: David Abbott

Despite his desire to spread universal messages through music - which Country In The House did so impactfully - Gallaher's lyrics mainly comprise unique stories. Holding a writing credit on thirteen out of fifteen songs, he lets us get to know him on a personal level.

Overall, Gallaher sings of growing up in South Central Pennsylvania, with a passion for music and a strong work ethic. In the title track, he reminisces, “Raised on vinyl, flipping that tape / 24/7 the radio played,” while listing influences like Haggard and Jones that his parents introduced him to. "Still A Few Cowboys Left" highlights his grounding principles - faith, family, and hard work - a sentiment that many of us, cowboys or not, can identify with.

Country In The House does an impeccable job of setting the scene and creating vivid mental pictures. Throughout the record, we felt as though we were there to witness the events he was singing about. We loved hearing Ben Gallaher share his heart and soul with us, and can't wait to see what he does next!


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